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Want to celebrate Taco Tuesday in a big way? Here’s where

Taco plate

The intersection of Taco Tuesday and Cinco de Mayo on the same day any other year would generate lines out the door and packed bars. But these aren’t normal times. But you know what can make you feel normal, or at least stuffed and buzzed? Giant taco packs, to-go margarita packs, plus all kinds of Mexican beer.

Here’s where to get take-out Taco Tuesday deals this year. Read to the end for advice from beverage master Ron Swarner about what kind of beer he has on hand at Peaks and Pints in the Proctor neighborhood to pair up with your favorite Mexican eats. 

Check out the entries below marked with “FAMILY DEAL.” Those come with taco packs to feed your whole squad.


Location: 158 100th St S.,Tacoma; 253-535-6688; https://www.facebook.com/blackstar.pubgrill

Order online: https://orders.cake.net/11208261

FAMILY DEAL: Gorge on a 24-count taco box ($36.39), plus a growler of margarita. 


Location: 6201 E McKinley Ave, Tacoma; 253-314-5625; https://www.facebook.com/brass.lantern.9

Online order here:  https://orders.cake.net/11233246

THE DEAL: Crunchy tacos ($1.50, beef or chicken); soft beef or chicken tacos ($2); taco salads ($10), chips and homemade queso ($9), nachos ($7-$10), margarita pouches in strawberry, raspberry, white peach, mango and pineapple ($6), bucket of Corona beers ($18), more.


Location: 3205 N 26th St, Tacoma; 253-327-1757; https://www.facebook.com/brewersrowtacoma

FAMILY DEAL: A $28 Cinco de Mayo pack that looks to feed two very well. It includes a build-your-own taco set for 6 tacos with al pastor or papas dulce tacos with all tortillas and all the fixings, fruit salad with chili powder, a salsa sampler and chips, rice and beans and 2 orange tequila truffles. Add on a margarita pack for $14. 


Location: 14506 Pacific Ave S, Tacoma; 253-535-6328; https://www.facebook.com/CarneAqui/

Order online: ordercarneaqui.com

The deal: $2 street tacos. Order a family pack of six tacos and get discounts on side dishes. Beer priced $2.50 a bottle.


Location: 208 St Helens Ave, Tacoma; 253-272-7468; https://www.facebook.com/DoylesPublicHouse/

THE DEAL: As owner Russ Heaton says, “Nothing says Cinco like…checks notes…Doyle’s Public House.” That’s right, even Irish pubs have Taco Tuesday deals. Get four pulled pork tacos with rice, beans and pickled red onions, plus all the fixings. There will be El Jimador Tequila with Schilling Grapefruit & Chill cider, plus jalapeno pineapple margaritas. Get Jimador shots-to-go and Modelo 4-packs. 


Location: 2717 6th Ave, Tacoma; 253-314-5286; https://www.facebook.com/elborrachottown/

THE DEAL: Ummmm, want to drink big? El Borracho has a Quarantine Quencher pack with a liter of Olmeco Altos Blanco Tequila, a 750ml bottle of Grandeza orange liqueur, 1.5 gallons housemade sweet-and-sour mix, agave nectar and limes for $125. Add 8 housemade tacos, rice and beans and chips and salsa, and the total goes up to $149. 


Location: 506 N Meridian, Puyallup; 253-445-6525; https://www.facebook.com/Fiesta-Taqueria-Tequila-Bar-1662456247313952/

THE DEAL:  Quesabirria – a tortilla dipped in sauce and filled with Birria, cheese, onions, and cilantro and served with consommé for dipping. Limited item! The other special is a pitcher of margaritas to go. 


Location: 228 Washington Ave. S.; Orting; 360-893-2333; https://www.facebook.com/Lospinosorting

FAMILY DEAL: Get a family fiesta platter with 8 tacos (chicken or beef), 12 quesadilla wedges, 12-piece chicken taquito, loaded beef nachos, rice and beans, chips, salsa and salad. Get it all for $60.

Note: Curbside pickup available. Order at least 1 hour ahead for the platter. 


Location: 1018 E. 72nd St. Tacoma; 253-301 0849; https://www.facebook.com/Lostamalestacoma

FAMILY DEAL: A choice of 4 family packs. A dozen tamales with rice and beans and a 2-liter of Coke ($24.99); 16 tacos with a choice of meat, rice and beans and a 2-liter of Coke ($29.99); 12-pack enchiladas with a choice of meat, rice and beans and a 2-liter ($29.99); Parrillada pack with steak, shrimp, chicken, cactus, queso fresco, mixed vegetables, rice and beans, handmade tortillas, 2-liter Coke ($39.99). 

TIP: They have these pack deals all the time, not just for Taco Tuesday. 

TIP2: They always have fresh-made tortillas here. 


Location: 5620 176 St. E., Puyallup; 253-271-0531; https://www.facebook.com/mazatlancanyon/

FAMILY DEAL: Mazatlan’s Canyon location will have a Family Parrillada Platter for 6-8 and includes carne asada, grilled chicken, shrimp, rice and beans, a chile relleno, pico, guacamole and chips and salsa.  It’s $89.99. Call to reserve in advance. 


Tacoma:  4102 S 56th St, Tacoma; 253-474-5593. Order online at https://www.moctezumas.com/order-online

Gig Harbor: 4628 Point Fosdick Dr, Gig Harbor; 253-851-8464. Order online at https://www.moctezumas.com/order-online

THE DEAL: $69 margarita to-go packs with tequila, Moctezuma’s own branded Grandeza orange liqueur and organic margarita mix.  

Tip: The margarita deals have been unreal. Check out their Facebook page for the margarita take-out of the week. 


Location: 21160 WA-410, Bonney Lake; 253-862-1502; https://www.facebook.com/Mr-Jalapeno-104597224317967/

THE DEAL: 50 percent off margaritas – $5 each.


Location: 3816 N. 26th St., Tacoma; 253-328-5621; https://www.facebook.com/peaksandpintstacoma/

THE DEAL: A Mexican-inspired to-go beer flight, a special Mexican sandwich special and scroll down for all kinds of beer pairing advice from Peaks and Pints to go with your favorite Mexican dishes. 


Location: 21718 103rd Ave. Ct. E., Graham;  253-847-2151 or 253-847-2162

THE DEAL:  Party packs for sale with a choice of 1800 Reposado or Patron Silver; a liter of homemade margarita mix, lime, Kosher salt, housemade salsa and a bag of house-fried chips. They also have all kinds of takeout beer and cocktail specials. 


Location: 215 15th St SE, Puyallup; 253-848-8550; https://www.facebook.com/puertovallartapuyallup

THE DEAL: Drink specials of $10.99 margaritas, buckets of Corona ($11.99) and more.


Location: 454 St Helens Ave, Tacoma; 253-545-9795; https://www.facebook.com/redstartacoma/

Order online: https://redstartacoma.hrpos.heartland.us/

THE DEAL: Get a ginormous Cinco de Super Macho pack for $120 that includes 15 margaritas featuring Pasote Blanco (or a similar spirit), a choice of any appetizer, any dip, 12 Tacos with up to 4 different fillings, plus rice and beans. Be among the first 10 to order and get a pinata made by staff. The Corona-rita Kit is $60 and comes with a 1-liter bottle of Pueblo Viejo Blanco, Triple Sec, the house Red Star Slushie Mix, 2 Glass Mugs, 2 Coronita Clips and a 12-pack Coronita bottles.


Location: 5015 Center St.; Tacoma; 253-202-8197; https://www.facebook.com/ricostacostacoma/

THE DEAL: Giant taco packs and platters that are offered every day at this “Fircoma” taco truck in the 76 Station parking lot. These are not just for Cinco de Mayo or Taco Tuesday. The 23-taco platter is $33 and the combo platter is $49.99 and comes with 8 tacos, nachos, quesadillas, taquito rancheros, sour cream, salsa and guacamole. Please give 1 hour notice when ordering. Free soda, water or horchata as a thank you today!



Location: 4818 N. 45th St,, Tacoma; https://www.facebook.com/Ruca_Food_Truck-Washington-1978286022278610/

THE DEAL: Ruca Food Truck is the project of Wilfred “Willie” Ceria, the former owner of La Fondita, the Mexican restaurant that operated in the Proctor neighborhood in Tacoma. Willie’s retirement includes a food truck! He’s known for his chicken mole, which he’ll serve from his truck from 4-8 p.m. Tuesday outside the Delightful Neighborhood Market. Also get blackened salmon tacos and a ribeye Mexican Philly cheesesteak.


Location: 11012 Canyon Rd E., Puyallup; 253-537-1304; https://www.facebook.com/SanBlasRestaurantPuyallup/

THE DEAL: Buckets of beer ($12-$15), margaritas, mojitos, well drinks, mimosas, bloody Mary, bloody Maria, and more. Free giveaways and inflatables with any purchase of $50 or more while supplies last.


Location: 7025 Pacific Ave, Tacoma; 253-475-3366;  https://www.facebook.com/Spuds.Pizza

THE DEAL: What happens on Taco Tuesday at an old timey pizza joint? Taco Pizza ($5.50). There’s also taco salads ($8.99), chicken tacos (2 for $3), beef tacos (2 for $3.50) and to-go margaritas in traditional or strawberry ($5).


Location: 1148 72nd St. E., Tacoma; 253-537-2525; https://www.facebook.com/TacosGuaymas72ndStTacoma/

CHEAP  DEAL: $2 tacos and $2 margaritas to go. If you’re doing it right, you’ll order equal parts tacos and margaritas. 


Location: 4034 McKinley Ave., Tacoma; 253-433-7180; https://www.facebook.com/tamisintacoma/

The deal: Tacos ($2.48-$3.48), taco trio ($8.48), Hornito margaritas to-go ($5).


Location: 1636 S Mildred St., Tacoma; 253-565-0501; https://www.facebook.com/taqueriaelsabor

FAMILY DEAL: Small or large fiesta platters beginning at $45 and completely customizable. Order $100 or more and get 10 percent off through Wednesday (May 6). 

Notes: Drive-thru for contact-less pickup, also on DoorDash. Or, call to order. 


Location: 5240 S Tacoma Way, Tacoma; 253-292-0544; https://www.facebook.com/thechurchcantina/

THE DEAL: Open from 2-8 p.m. All regular priced tacos will be discounted to $7 for two tacos. Get them to go with a 20-ounce margarita for $7. The margaritas come in blueberry, strawberry, mango, and blood orange.


Location: 900 Meridian Ave. E., Milton; 253-831-4936; https://www.facebook.com/themillofmilton/

THE DEAL:  Street tacos with fresh salsa roja, onions, cilantro. Carnitas ($4 each or 3 for $10); carne asada ($5 each or 3 for $12), Baja style ceviche with tostados ($15), black beans ($6 a pint), Mexi slaw ($5 a pint), virgin Mill-aritas ($4), tequila Mill-aritas ($9). 

Note: Served 2-5 curbside. Cash only. No phone orders.


Location: 1904 Jefferson Ave, Tacoma; 253-572-2821; https://www.facebook.com/The.Swiss.Tacoma.WA/

THE DEAL: It’s Torta Tuesday at The Swiss with a grilled steak sandwich with avocado, chipotle mayo, spread with refried beans and loaded up with tomato, shredded lettuce, and sauteed onions on a grilled roll. Served with homemade pico de gallo and chips, all for $14.50. Add a bottle of Corona for $2. Want to go all out? Get a liter of El Jimador silver tequila, fresh limes, Kosher salt and party beads for $30. 

Note: Preorders appreciated. 


Ron Swarner has a beer answer for everything. Check out his advice for what to pair up with your favorite Mexican dishes. These are all available in the Peaks and Pints cooler at 3816 N 26th St., Tacoma; 253-328-5621. 

Crunchy beef tacos: Pilsner pairs with everything, but Reuben’s Brews just released Lemon Lime Pilsner, which adds a little Mexican beach to the mix.

Carnitas burrito: Founders Brewing’s Mas Agave imperial gose is brewed with agave and lime, and aged in tequila barrels. Dip your nose in for all the margarita — salty, tangy, lime, and agave. In fact, Mas Agave tastes like a margarita — citrusy lime, tart, salty, smooth, with minimal alcohol warmth at 10 percent.

Vegan queso: Queso pairs nicely with malt-heavy Scotch ales such as Heathen Brewing’s Highland Charge, which packs a big malty nose with light caramel and toffee notes.

Quesadilla: IPAs pair well with Mexican food, but sometimes the high bitterness can overpower the creaminess of spicy and cheesy chicken quesadilla. Therefore, 7 Seas Brewing’s Brut Lite IPA works well. It’s a light, dry, and aromatic IPA with a bonus of 4.6% ABV and 105 calories so pile on the cheese!


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