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Culichi Town opening in Tacoma. Mexican sushi on the menu

culichi town tacoma

In the Pacific Northwest, it is not unusual to see restaurants plucking ingredients and flavors from multiple cuisines, mixing them up, then chucking them into a restaurant concept. See: Korean tacos, Samoan bao and pizzacoa.  

And now ….. enter Mexican sushi.

I found out about this new Mexican sushi/seafood/Sinaloense restaurant, Culichi Town, from readers who kept messaging me about the sign that went up on the old Hooters space on Tacoma Mall Boulevard.  

I’ve sent a month of messages to the restaurant chain and its owners to give me more insight about the concept, but nobody is talking after a month of trying, so I went ahead and became an expert on this restaurant chain via 10 minutes spent on the internet.

For all you readers who have asked, here’s what I know:

Culichi Town is based in California and there looks to be 17 locations in California, Arizona, Texas, Las Vegas and Illinois. They also look to be in a big opening flurry because I see nine “coming soon” locations from Tacoma to Minnesota on the restaurant company’s website.

Culichi Town appears to be a Sinaloa-style Mexican seafood restaurant with a menu steeped in seafood and a secondary focus on sushi rolls. They’ve got some unusual things listed on the menu. The menu emphasizes dishes found in the city of Culiacán, Sinaloa, Mexico. You can check out the menu here: https://culichitown.com/culichitown-menu/ 

Mexican seafood concepts are something we’re lucky to already have here. Be sure you go and check out Tacoma favorite La Perla Del Mar. That delightful restaurant serves up seafood-based Mexican dishes such as marlin tacos, tostado de ceviche and more than a dozen shrimp dishes. It’s also a restaurant that comes from Jaime Beltran, who many of my longtime followers will know from all those times I wrote about the taco truck he operated in the Lincoln District, Taqueria La Fondita. 

Culichi Town takes that seafood concept and uses Japanese sushi as one of its seafood delivery vehicles, in addition to several dishes that are quite similar to what diners will find at La Perla del Mar. Culichi Town has about a dozen shrimp ceviche tostado choices and a raw seafood selection. 

Some of the maki-style rolls listed on the Mexican sushi menu at Culichi Town sound a lot like what many of our sushi spots already offer here. The Culichi Town Norteno Roll with shrimp, imitation crab, cream cheese and jalapenos is topped with eel sauce. See? Sounds just like what you can get at 279 local sushi restaurants. You already have a culinary reference for this food. 

The questions I still would like answered: Will there be table service, cocktails and live entertainment like their other locations seem to have? When will the restaurant open? I’d also like to confirm that the menu will be the same as what’s listed on the website and what I’ve described above.  If I hear back from the company, I’ll update this post. 


Where: 6812 Tacoma Mall Blvd, Tacoma (former Hooters location)

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Culichitown-Tacoma-102763261706840

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/culichitown_tacoma/

Website: https://culichitown.com/culichitown-menu/