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New Tacoma cafe opens with meaty breakfast burritos and a fun slice of downtown history

Cafe Azure

Cafe Azure opened February 10 in downtown Tacoma and one of the first things owner Tracy Roberts likes to talk about with newcomers to her business is the pool in the building. 

 “The building is built on top of Tacoma’s first indoor swimming pool. The pool, Azure Pool, is where we got our name. The pool is still down there though it now functions as the crawlspace. Our space was previously vacant office space. The building owner purchased the building last spring and remodeled the rest of the building into a great new co-working space, TractionSpace, and we did a build-out in the front. The build out took about six months for the whole process,” she said.

Find Cafe Azure at 750 Market St. 

Roberts and her husband Andrew are the operators and they both have a background in the hospitality industry. 

“I started managing in the front desk of the hotel world but I have always had a love of food,” she said. “I fell into the coffee world when I managed a Starbucks that was franchised by the hotel I worked for. I have also run a couple mom-and-pop cafes as well as food and beverage outlets at the airport. My husband has been a server in the food service industry for many years and previously co-owned a delivery company with a family member. Together we have dreamed of owning some sort of food and beverage business and now here we are,” she said. 

Roberts is a stickler for supporting local, regional businesses. Her coffee comes from local favorite roaster Caffe D’arte. The cafe’s tea comes from the tea lounge and cafe down the street, Mad Hat Tea, which is run by the two most knowledgeable people I’ve ever encountered in the tea industry – Tobin Ropes and Maureen McHugh. 

The sweeter side of the menu is provided by two more regional businesses: Dilettante Chocolates and Little Rae’s Bakery. 

Their cafe will appeal to downtown workers in search of quick bites, but also coffee sippers looking to sit for a bit and work. The cafe offers free wi-fi and it serves a menu of sandwiches, breakfast burritos and light cafe fare that includes pastries. 

They emphasize fresh and made to order, said Roberts. “Our menu is simple, quick service breakfast. We have breakfast sandwiches, breakfast burritos and breakfast pizza. Unlike a lot of other typical coffee spots, we give you the option to add fresh veggies such as spinach or avocado. Our Azure burrito leaves no one hungry. It’s packed full of sausage, eggs, seasoned potatoes and cheese. Our menu is prepared each morning from fresh cracked eggs, no frozen eggs patties here. We do also have gluten-free bread. Snacks such as chips, nuts, biscotti and cheese are also available.” 

As for their beverages, she had this to say, “Our beverage menu has a lot of familiar items, lattes, mochas, cappuccinos etc. but we also offer loose leaf tea, fresh squeezed orange juice and lemonade. We also have Lotus energy spritzers, Italian sodas, smoothies made with 100 percent real fruit and frappes. And for those work meetings, come grab a coffee traveler that serves up to 12. We have non-dairy alternatives as well.” 

The cafe will be open 6:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. Mondays to Fridays, closed on weekends. 


750 Market St, Tacoma, 253-226-7928, https://www.facebook.com/cafeazuretacoma/

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