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Savor Creperie in downtown Tacoma is closing

Savor Creperie

You’ve got just a few more weeks to enjoy the crepes at Savor Creperie. The downtown Tacoma creperie will close March 14. 

“We are delighted that Savor Creperie has been a successful part of Tacoma for the last 7 years.  We loved bringing a product to the marketplace that was new to the food scene. However, we know this is the right time in our lives to put our focus on a lifestyle change that includes more time with family and friends,” explained co-owner Tom Vigue via email. 

The decision to close started percolating last fall for Vigue and his wife and co-owner, Vickie Black-Vigue. They posted on the restaurant’s Facebook page in November they were looking for buyers.

A buyer has not materialized, but there’s been some interest in the space where they opened their creperie in 2013. At that time, the opening generated quite a lot of buzz in Tacoma and lines snaked out the door during the fledgling weeks. Savor was the couple’s first restaurant in Tacoma, although Vigue is a career chef with a deep resume.The idea for the creperie evolved from a European trip in 2011. Vigue previously had operated a catering company in Richmond, Va. He also previously worked in hotels and senior communities as a corporate chef.

Savor Creperie

The menu at Savor lists more than a dozen combinations at any given time, with an even division between savory and sweet. The cafe is known for its lovely plating with squiggles of sauce forming delicate zig-zags across the made-to-order crepes. Vigue’s signature crepe fold looks like a flung-open envelope spilling ingredients across the plate, with crepes often finished with a sprinkle or sprig of fresh herbs. The crepes are as pretty as they are delicious. It’s also one of downtown’s more affordable eateries with few items on the menu surpassing $10.

In mulling their restaurant’s closure, they were most worried about what would happen to their staff. “We started to think about a change early last Fall and spent a lot of time discussing and weighing out our options before making the decision. There was a lot to consider, especially the impact it would have on our staff and customers. Our staff agreed to stay with us until the last day and we are happy to say all of them have secured future employment or have chosen to continue their education after we close,” Vigue said. 

Their decision to close is final. They said there’s no turning back. On the agenda for the couple is some quality down time. “First priority will be to take some time for rest and relaxation! After that, we will evaluate options, as we don’t have any definitive plans. We want to continue to be part of the Tacoma workforce – right now, we’re open for ideas on career options.” 

If there’s no interested buyer, what’s next for the Savor space? “We are not able to elaborate but can safely say that any new assumptions of the lease will most likely not involve crepes,” said Vigue. 

At the time of Savor’s opening, far fewer dining options existed in the University of Washington Tacoma neighborhood. Finding crepes was tough in the region, as well. In the last seven years, both those things have turned. That neighborhood is a solid destination for poke, bubble tea, great pizza and all kinds of trendy foods. More restaurants serving crepes have come to the area since 2013. 

They’ve enjoyed watching the neighborhood grow up around them and the connections they’ve made with their diners. “The most rewarding part of this business has been getting to know customers – it’s been so fun developing relationships.  We will miss our repeat customers, as well as being part of the downtown Tacoma community on a daily basis. Nothing replaces the people in your life – so many of our customers have become like family to us. As most restaurant owners will attest,  operating a small business can be all-consuming. We never shy from hard work, but we won’t miss the long hours that are required in running a small food and beverage business.” 

They’ll continue to operate the cafe Monday through Saturday until their closure on March 14. 


1916 Pacific Ave., Tacoma; 253-365-5534, savorcreperie.com

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