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The Redd Dog, a you-pour-it pub, opening on Tacoma’s 6th Ave


If all goes as planned, The Redd Dog U-Pour It Pub will open in Tacoma’s Sixth Avenue neighborhood later this spring at 2805 Sixth Ave.

The pour-your-own beer concept is new to the area, explained owner Lane Scelzi, who also owns the Melting Pot in Tacoma (and locations in Seattle and Bellevue). Scelzi, who grew up in Puyallup and Tacoma and attended Tacoma Community College, said he’s been watching the growth in Tacoma and wanted to expand his new concept in a neighborhood filled with a wide range of eating destinations. The Sixth Avenue neighborhood was perfect for his brew-centric concept that will be family friendly.
“This is new. We’re implementing so much different technology we haven’t used before,” explained Scelzi. The pub will open in the former home of Pizza Press, which closed in 2019 after owner Brian Howe died. 

The concept of The Redd Dog is pretty simple at its core: Beer lovers walk into a pub that’s entirely self serve. They check in and swap a credit card for a RFID card that tracks purchases and how much each diner pours. At every table, there will be a QR code that will pull up the restaurant’s ordering system. The food menu – composed of family-friendly pub favorites –  is entirely self service and diners can order by phone. There will be clear instructions guiding diners through the ordering process. 

When the food is ready, diners will get a text and then can pick up their food from a pick-up window. Next, a visitor can fill their own glass at the beverage station featuring more than two dozen taps. 

Find The Redd Dog U-Pour It Pub in Tacoma’s Sixth Avenue neighborhood where Pizza Press formerly operated.


“There’s tap handles. And on the wall of every tap handle, there’s an iPad. It tells you what beer you’re pouring. You stick the RFID card into the slot. As you pour the beer, it reads on the iPad how many ounces you pour and what the cost is. If you want to pour the four ounces and you like it, that’s great. You can then pour 10 or 12 more ounces. And you only get charged for what you pour,” he said. The taps are engineered in a way so that there’s no foam residue so all you’re paying for is brew, not the foam, Scelzi said. 

Aside from a long tap list of South Sound and Washington brewers, there also will be wine, cider and kombucha available for pouring. 

Diners pay-by-the-ounce and buy as little as a single ounce, or a full glass. Full pint prices will be comparable to pints at nearby bars along Sixth Avenue (somewhere around the $6 to $8 range, depending on the brew and price per keg). 

The price-per-ounce will be listed so brew lovers can see the value of what they’re pouring down to the penny. 

Those pouring beer, of course, will have to show proof of age, just as one would at any other bar or drinking establishment that serves to the public. Similar establishments operate in King County, including Rapport, newish to Capitol Hill (read about it here).


And the concept is family friendly. Kids are welcome and there will be shuffleboard and board games. There will be plenty of TVs playing sports games, too. 

The pub is named after Scelzi’s dog, a lab named Redd. The concept will be as dog friendly as state and health regulations will allow (still to be determined). 

Scelzi said the serve-yourself ordering at a kiosk and filling your own beer mugs are the result of a shift toward diners accepting more self-service concepts. 

“You see kiosk ordering in McDonald’s. It’s happening all over and the pandemic has forced it to happen a little faster,” said Scelzi about restaurants adapting to new technologies. 

And, well, this is pretty on-brand for Scelzi, who does own a trio of Melting Pot restaurants where the theme is that diners cook their own food by dunking meat and vegetables into fondue pots. A serve-yourself concept where diners pour their own brew isn’t too far off from dipping a slice of beef into a vat of boiling broth and deciding when it’s ready to eat. 

Find The Redd Dog U-Pour It Pub in Tacoma’s Sixth Avenue neighborhood where Pizza Press formerly operated.


“We have all kinds of pub food,” he explained. “We’ll have pizza and wings and we have hot sandwiches, salads and shareables like big pretzels and quesadillas. It’s easy, fun foods that everybody likes. We’re trying to have a little bit of everything.”

They’ll make good use of the pizza oven still inside the location from when it was Pizza Press. 

The decor will shift considerably since its days as Pizza Press. Said Scelzi, 

Scelzi described a dining room with a pub feel with reclaimed wood and a few communal tables seating 12 each. There also will be a range of seating for smaller parties of 4 to 6. 

The space will fit about the same number as Pizza Press, about 80 diners. 

“We’ve kept the big garage door and we’re looking forward to rolling it up,” he said. 


For those avoiding dining out, the restaurant will do brisk service in take-out. “We have about 8 parking stalls we’ll designate for pickup. You park in a stall and we’ll bring your order right out.” 

Expect an opening later this spring, probably in May if all goes as planned. 


Where: 2805 Sixth Ave., Tacoma; 253-212-1174

Opening: Spring 2021 

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/theredddog/

Insta: https://www.instagram.com/theredddog/followers/

Web: https://theredddog.com/


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