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Delicious fried lumpia, anyone? Get to know Puyallup’s Lumpia Love


Lynette Boado got her start in the food world “separating Simex lumpia wrappers for a penny apiece in the basement of my parent’s house that was converted into a commercial kitchen,” she said.

Thirty years later, Boado founded her own lumpia business, Lumpia Love. She first started serving at farmers markets in the area in 2013.

Diners can find her lumpia this weekend at the Puyallup Farmers Market, which has temporarily relocated to the South Hill Mall parking lot on Saturdays (read to the end of the story for more about that). 

The self-taught chef credits her mom and grandma for her love of food and knowledge of Filipino cooking.  

“I consider myself a home cook,” she said. “For my business I stick to Filipino American and Pan-Asian foods.” 

Boado is a second-generation food business owner. “I guess you would describe my style as traditional with a Filipino-American twist,” she said. “I am a third-generation Filipina born and raised in Tacoma so, the Filipino-American aspect is definitely in there.” 


Her mom started Lynda’s Lumpia in the 1980s. Old timers might remember Lynda’s Lumpia among the first food vendors at the Tacoma Farmers Market. 

“My mom, Lynda, and my grandma, Connie, taught me how to cook Filipino food.  Most of my recipes come from my mom and have been adapted to my needs,” she said. “My mom used to hate grocery shopping so, when I was old enough to drive, she would give me a blank check and a note (giving me permission) to buy whatever I wanted at the store as long as it included our basic needs.”’

“Then, my brother and I had to take one night each week to prepare dinner for the family.  It was a fun way to explore my creativity in the kitchen.  But, I do remember having many taco nights.”

“My grandma used to teach me how to cook her traditional Filipino recipes which was a fun way to learn about our culture and bond at the same time.  In more recent times, I have also gotten advice and pointers from my mother in-law, Leilani.” 

Her mom’s business, Lynda’s Lumpia, operated from around 1988 to 1993. “She sold lumpia, pancit noodles and garlic chicken wings. She would only let me separate the wrappers because her standards for perfect and tightly rolled lumpia was so high.  If the wrappers were ripped and unusable….no penny,” said Boado. In addition to selling at the Tacoma Farmers Market back then, her mom also sold her lumpia at Metropolitan Market.  

Her mom now helps her daughter out at the booth with cashiering or expediting, Boado said. 

Lumpia from Lumpia Love in Puyallup. Photo courtesy of Lumpia Love.


Boado’s Lumpia Love operation is fully mobile and her home base is a commercial kitchen in Puyallup.

Normally, her farmers market menu would include “various flavors of lumpia, pancit noodles, chicken adobo served over a bed of rice, Spam musubi and barbecue pork sio pao (steamed buns) and we also served legendary longanisa and Spam Bam breakfast bowls,” she said.

Right now, with prepared foods restricted at the market, she’s selling frozen lumpia for take-home preparation. “Lumpia Love is currently offering frozen lumpia for you to cook at home. They are a convenient addition to any meal or as your main course. To cook, keep frozen, pan fry, deep fry or air fry with your favorite oil until browned. Flavors available are  chicken, pork, spicy chicken kimchi, vegetarian or banana, also known as Turon,” she said. 

Once restrictions are lifted, she plans to expand her menu at her market stand. “You heard it here first,” she said. “We will also include beef morcon (stuffed beef roll), lechon kawali (deep fried pork belly bits) and various Filipino desserts.” 

I’m in. But that will be a bit before those restrictions are lifted. 

A plate of delicious eats from Lumpia Love. Photo courtesy of Lumpia Love.

Boado said this period of uncertainty has been unsettling. However, “During this time of uncertainty and change, I have felt helpless, hopeful, scared, thankful, frustrated, re-energized and now ready to pivot and recover. Being able to shift gears for a bit and sell frozen lumpia at the Puyallup Farmers Market has brought so much excitement and new energy to the business.  To see people’s smiling faces and feel their relief to be getting slowly back to a new normal is so encouraging.  With the help of the community, we will be successful.  Will it look different than in year’s past?  Most definitely.  But with the help of our community, we and other small businesses like us will survive and thrive.” 

In addition to the Puyallup  Farmers Market, diners will also find her at the Wednesday night Steilacoom Farmers Market beginning June 17. 


While the Puyallup Farmers Market normally operates in downtown Puyallup, these are not normal times. Due to current restrictions, the Puyallup Farmers Market is operating from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. May 23 and May 30 in the parking lot at South Hill Mall, on the Sears side of the mall. To read updates on vendors and to check for location changes, visit https://www.facebook.com/puyallupfarmersmarket

Please note restrictions for visiting the market here – https://www.facebook.com/puyallupfarmersmarket/photos/a.10152220542856985/10157311552161985/?type=3&theater


Serving: Puyallup Farmers Market, temporarily operating at South Hill Mall parking lot, 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. Saturday, May 23 and May 30. 

Current market menu: Frozen lumpia in chicken, pork, spicy chicken kimchi, vegetarian or banana (also known as Turon)

Menu after restrictions are lifted: pancit noodles, chicken adobo served over a bed of rice, Spam musubi and barbecue pork sio pao (steamed buns) and we also served legendary longanisa and Spam Bam breakfast bowls

Prices:  Frozen lumpia is $30 for 30 or $15 for 12. At a typical event with full menu, prepared food prices range from $4.50 to $13.50

Beginning June 17: Also serving at the Wednesday night Steilacoom Farmers Market 

Contact: https://www.lumpialovestore.com/




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