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Tacoma’s Puget Sound Pizza opening another location

Puget Sound Pizza

Puget Sound Pizza, one of Tacoma’s most favorite destinations for pizza, booze and karaoke, is expanding. Owner Cory Cannell will open a second Puget Sound Pizza location in Spanaway this spring. The original location in the St. Helens neighborhood will continue to operate. 

“I grew up in the Spanaway-Graham area and so I know the area really well and when I went to go look at the location it really fit what I was looking for, for another PSP,” said Cannell about the expansion. 

“The second location will be a full service, sit down restaurant that also has to-go and delivery options as well,” he said. “We will be keeping the same kind of theme we have at the downtown location. We’re just going to update it a bit and try out a few things that we haven’t been able to downtown, due to space restrictions,” he said.

That tryout includes plans for outdoor seating, which is perfect for the Spanaway location at 124 146th St. S., which used to be home to Gateway Cottage. That restaurant closed last year. Gateway Cottage had an immense outdoor space with a courtyard. Cannell plans to open the Spanaway Puget Sound Pizza this spring with outdoor seating for about 16 to 20 diners, but he has bigger plans for the outside space. 

He intends to “expand the outdoor seating to two to three times the size it is currently, and I want to build a big cover and more.” Permits, however, will take some time to do that. Don’t expect the expanded outdoor seating area until next year. 

Inside, there will be table service and seating for about 70, although he’s still working out the interior footprint.

As with the downtown Tacoma location, Cannell will operate his own delivery service. “You can order off our website at pugetsoundpizza.com or just call the phone number depending on which store,” said Cannell. 

The Spanaway Puget Sound Pizza menu will be a carbon copy of the Tacoma location, in terms of the food. “We will be getting the same ingredients from the same suppliers as we do downtown out here. So same great pizza just in two locations now instead of one,” said Cannell. 

He plans for no new additions to the menu right away and what’s available at the Tacoma restaurant will be available at the Spanaway location. That means the St. Helens pizza with pepperoni, sausage, black olives and jalapenos will still anchor the menu. He’ll also continue offering experimental pies as a pizza-of-the-month special at the Spanaway and Tacoma locations. 

 The sandwich menu also will be duplicated in Spanaway, so that means you’ll be able to get a meatball sub made with Cannell’s housemade meatballs. 

Will booze be part of the plan? Of course. Cannell plans for a full bar with cocktails, plus beer on tap and in bottles and cans. He’ll also offer a wine selection. 

Puget Sound Pizza long has been known as a go-to karaoke bar in Tacoma (where yours truly has belted out exactly one B-52s song). Unfortunately, there’s no room for karaoke at the Spanaway location, Cannell said. “We are hoping to add something eventually but we will just be sticking with our awesome pizza and beer options for now.” 

The restaurant will have a bar for patrons 21 and older, and an all-ages space that allows children. 

Cannell purchased Puget Sound Pizza in 2016, but the restaurant has a long history in Tacoma. Jim Higgins opened the restaurant in 2004 before selling it to Martin Osborn and Shannon Stragier in 2011.  

Follow Puget Sound Pizza’s Facebook page for updates on the Spanaway opening. 

Puget Sound Pizza



Tacoma: 317 S. Seventh St., Tacoma; 253-383-4777. Currently operating.

Spanaway: 124 146th St. S., Tacoma. Opening this spring.

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