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Delish Bakery is coming to Steilacoom

Delish Bakery

Delish Bakery is opening in Steilacoom and visitors can expect a menu of pastries, cakes, cookies, cake pops, macarons, cinnamon rolls, pies, croissants and “a little bit of bread.” 

The bakery is the project of Lisa Holmgren, a pastry student at Clover Park Technical College who is launching a second career as a baker.

She’s dabbled in baked goods working for a caterer as a side hustle to her day job in IT and marketing. She also worked in restaurants during college. 

This is the first time she’s gone pro with her own bakery space. 

She intends to open Delish Bakery at 1603 Lafayette by September.  UPDATE: Delish Bakery opened September 4 in Steilacoom. Read more here.

“I worked for Alaska Airlines for 20 years. Then Covid happened and my job was eliminated. It was tough because that’s been my life. But this next step has always been my dream,” she said.

Holmgren used to live in Steilacoom (and Puyallup before that). She and her husband now live on Anderson Island. She intends to commute to work by ferry every day. 

She said Steilacoom seemed a natural fit because of her proximity and familiarity with the area, but also because of the community’s small-town feel and constant foot traffic.

“I think I’m in a great spot,” she said of the space. Delish Bakery is in a building that’s home to a real estate business and the building also once held Port Steilacoom Distillery. It’s near Bair Bistro. 

“The foot traffic, I get 10 to 20 visitors a day. People are super supportive,” she said of the passers-by who stop and ask what she’s up to. She works at the bakery nearly every day, doing most of the hard labor of readying the bakery herself. She’s hired out some of the more complicated electrical and plumbing work, but the rest of the work is her own doing.


Her plans include keeping her fellow Anderson Island residents well fed. “We’ll be delivering to Anderson Island daily. I got insulated containers for my Jeep, so I’ll be health-department approved,” she said. She’ll only transport items that are shelf stable and can withstand a ferry ride.

She credits her island neighbors with helping her develop all the recipes for Delish Bakery. Since she started the pastry program at Clover Park, her island neighbors have been her chief taste testers during her college program, which she has been studying remotely.

“While I’ve been in school, we’ve baked everything from home,” said Holmgren. She picks up the ingredients from the school and then students remotely learn to bake the items through online instruction. 

Eating all that pastry by herself proved problematic. She decided to share. 

“We have a Facebook group called Anderson Island Foodies. Every day I would post on that Anderson Island Foodies that I have free pastries for porch pickup. I did it first come, first served. I loved that. I was giving stuff away. It was so fun to make somebody’s day. If I could afford to do that every day, I would,” she said.

She came to rely on the feedback. “I would give surveys to people who got my stuff so I could get honest critical criticism,” she said.

So far in school, they’ve covered a wide range of basics. “I’ve done a lot of tarts, pastries, cakes and cupcakes. Lately, I’ve been doing French macarons, laminated doughs and croissants. I’m loving the more technical skill I’m learning,” she said. Expect to see those items roll through her pastry case, along with a little bit of bread.

“Bread is a lot of work for the tiny kitchen I have, but I have a lot of people asking for bread. I’ll do pies, cakes, pastries; for the first month. I’ll gauge things. I’ll make lots of test things to see what people like and want,” she said.

Delish Bakery
The interior of Delish Bakery in Steilacoom. Photo courtesy of Delish Bakery.

The space is not big enough for inside dining. She aims for the entire menu to be portable, which will be perfect given the current dining restrictions that likely will last for the near future.

She’ll offer coffee and she said she wants to open early to catch the morning commuters. She said she’ll likely close her bakery early in the afternoon. 

Expect specialty items in the bakery case to range from sweet to savory. She is a big fan of the pesto and pepperoni pinwheels she’s been learning in class. 

“I’m playing with some keto recipes,” she said. 

Those with dietary restrictions will be interested in hearing this. She will offer at least one vegan baked good and she said she’s considering gluten-free options because so many people ask her every day if she’ll have anything gluten-free. 


Where: 1603 Lafayette St., Steilacoom; 253-325-9822


UPDATE: The bakery is now open. Read more here.

Hours: She’s open Tuesday-Saturday for now, closed Sunday and Monday. Check social media for opening and closing times. 




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