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A new Tacoma bakery, new giant shakes and Rosca de Reyes are yours for the eating in Tacoma

Tacoma Baking Company

For that moment when you want to ditch that inevitable diet you started this month, here’s a bunch of delicious looking food you should eat this month. These are either new restaurants with something new to Tacoma or new menu items available only during January. Bring on the Thanksgiving pants. 


Tacoma Baking Company in Tacoma’s Hilltop neighborhood opened this week and when it did, it resurrected the bagels from Cascade Bagels, the Lakewood bagel bakery that closed in November. The bakery purchased the Cascade equipment, and also brought some of its employees on board. 

The trick to scoring said bagels will be in timing a visit just right. The grand opening was this weekend, so chances are that the lines will be l-o-n-g. When things slow down, hop in for a bagel and spread. They also boast an hearth-baked bread program, a solid pastry and Danish game and croissants for days, thanks to Ashley Baird, the former pastry queen of Alegre and formerly of Marrow (both establishments are gone).  

Here’s a first look at the menu, as reported by the bakery and members of my Where to Dine Pierce County Facebook group (come join us!). Remember that the menu changes daily, so options might not be the same on your visit. Check the bakery’s Facebook page for updates. 

GLUTEN-FREE TIP: The bakery does not yet have gluten-free items, but is discussing it over on their Facebook page

VEGAN: Yes, they have vegan bagels, and more. Over the weekend, nine of the bagel choices were vegan

BAGELS: $2.25 each. They’re kettle boiled and made on the old Cascade Bagel equipment. Choices include plain, salt, egg plain, egg poppy, poppy, everything, garlic, cinnamon sugar, whole wheat, jalapeno cheese, chocolate chip, rye, pumpernickel, blueberry

BAGEL SPREADS: Spreads are 75 cents for one-ounce portions or $1.50 for two-ounce spreads. Choices include plain, roasted garlic and shallot, veggie, pesto, sweet chili pepper, lemon thyme, herbed, sundried tomato and a vegan hummus

BREAD MENU: Posted by the bakery this weekend –  challah, multigrain, Italian pan, Italian baguette, Parisian baguette, seeded baguette, cheese flame, white loaf, rye loaf, sourdough oat and honey, honey whole wheat pan, ciabatta

QUICK BREADS/CAKES: Banana pound cake, chocolate pound cake and coconut pound cake are $3.75 each. Blueberry muffin, hazelnut crumble muffin, lemon ginger scone and white chocolate pistachio scone are $3.50 each

CROISSANTS: Twice baked chocolate croissant; chocolate croissant; apricot croissant; almond croissant are $5.50 each. Salmon croissant and ham and cheese croissant are $6.50 each

COOKIES: Chocolate chip cookie; chocolate chip walnut cookie; pecan brown butter cookie, all $3 each

HOURS: 6 a.m. to 7 p.m. Mondays through Friday, 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Saturdays and 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. Sundays

COFFEE: Beans roasted by Tacoma’s Bluebeard Roasters

SEATING: A handful of seats

ADDRESS: 1316 Martin Luther King Junior Way, Tacoma; 253-315-5944; facebook.com/tacomabakingcompany

Bliss Small Batch Creamery shake
Photo courtesy of Bliss Small Batch Creamery


Bliss Small Batch Creamery in University Place has been working on their shake game with towering masterpieces filled with all kinds of sugary treasures. The one-year-old ice cream emporium – with the area’s best selection of non-dairy ice creams – introduced towering creations in the last week. Scroll through the pictures of the shakes to see which one fits your mood. Me: Uh, the ones with the ice cream sandwich as a garnish, duh.

Oh, and by the way, they have ice cream sandwiches now, too. You’re welcome.

ADDRESS: 3556 Market Place W. University Place; 253-327-1061; https://www.facebook.com/blisstacoma


Gig Harbor’s Brimstone PNW Smokehouse, owned by Thad Lyman and Katie Doherty of Brix 25 and Netshed No 9, have introduced Korean tacos for the month. They take a gold medal in the food stretchy pants division because they’re topping their tacos with a fried egg, bibimbap style. They’re calling it Bibimiddy Bappitty Boo! It’s topped with salmon, kimchi, sticky rice, a sweet sesame soy dressing, that crispy fried egg, and pickled daikon radish. Only available in January. While you’re there, do not miss out on Doherty’s well-balanced cocktails, especially if it’s one that’s garnished with a slab of smoked bacon.

ADDRESS: 7707 Pioneer Way, Gig Harbor; 253-858-2709


CUPCAKES: Downtown Tacoma’s Hello Cupcake has mocha, snickerdoodle, butter pecan and chocolate hazelnut new to their winter menu. h

ADDRESS: 1740 Pacific Ave., Tacoma; 253-383-7772

PIZZA: It must be artichoke month or something. In the St. Helens neighborhood, Puget Sound Pizza is featuring an artichoke dip pizza for its monthly offering. It has artichoke hearts, minced garlic, spinach and parmesan cheese with an alfredo sauce. 

Over at Farrelli’s, with locations in Sumner, Tacoma, Parkland, Point Ruston and Frederickson, their pizza of the month is the Primo Pesto with sausage, artichokes and cashews with buttermilk ranch and pesto sauce. Get it while you can! 

ADDRESS FOR PUGET SOUND PIZZA: 317 S. Seventh St., Tacoma; 253-383-4777

FARRELLI’S LOCATIONS HERE: farrellispizza.com/

MINI PIES: Downtown Sumner’s Hometown Charm Cafe mini pies and they look absolutely splendid. Take a look at this post below. 

ADDRESS: 1012 Main St., Sumner; 253-987-7633


Old Times Bakery & Deli in the McKinley neighborhood and Pasteles Finos del Angel in South Tacoma both have Rosca de Reyes cakes for the epiphany! Old Times has a nice looking selection here. You can find the selection at Pasteles at this link. 

OLD TIMES: 3514 Pacific Ave, Tacoma; 253-625-5898

PASTELES FINOS DEL ANGEL: 5102 S. Washington St., Tacoma; 253-448-2649

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