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Louie G’s, the pizza restaurant and live music venue, is closing


Louie G’s, the pizzeria and live music venue in Fife, is permanently closing. Its last day of business will be August 29. 

It’s a restaurant I adore for its stalwart brick oven that churns out solid pies and terrific calzones, which made my top calzones list in 2018. In 2016, I took a deep dive into the pizzeria’s outstanding salad bar and wrote about the addictive marinated mushroom salad available in as big a portion as you can handle on the restaurant’s longtime lunch buffet. 

Facebook announcement
Louie G’s announces its closure.

In 2016, partners in business and life – Katherine McDonough and Peter John Kesling – bought the Fife pizzeria and live music venue. Louie Galarza was the previous owner. 

In addition to its rightful place as a regional pizza destination, the space also hosted live music and was a go-to in the South Sound area for rock shows. That loss is amplified because Louie G’s was one of only a few live music venues in the region. 

Music area
The live music space at Louie G’s in Fife.

Any chance it could turn into a temporary closure? 

Sadly no, co-owner Pete Kesling told me. “It is permanent, I’m afraid.”

The pizza buffet was a favorite at Louie G’s in Fife.

“With no live music shows on the horizon and having lost a lot of money keeping it open hoping for lifted restrictions, our situation has become untenable,” he said. 

The restaurant also had to shut down its buffet when dining restrictions began. They did begin offering dine-in service in June, but it wasn’t enough to sustain them. 

back room
The live music area of Louie G’s.

“Further, reading the tea leaves, I don’t think live music will be allowed the remainder of the year at the least. We cannot afford that space without it,” he said. 

He reached an agreeable arrangement with the landlord, who he described as “gracious,” to exit the space. 

The brick oven behind the counter turned out reliable pies and calzones at Louie G’s.

They’ll continue serving through August 29, so if you’re as big a fan of the calzones as I am, you have a few weeks to grab one. Don’t forget to order a side of extra red sauce. That’s how I get mine. 

What’s next for the couple? 

Some might recall McDonough’s delicious cakes from Pioneer Bakery, a long gone downtown Puyallup institution she ran for 15 years. McDonough plans to continue her side gig baking desserts and decorating cakes (check out her beautiful work here). Her cake business is called Kate’s Cakes.

Kesling, a lawyer, said he’ll continue practicing law.

Together, they wanted to thank their hard working staff. “Katherine and I also want to thank our amazing staff, both present and prior, for helping me make a series of lifetime dreams come true. They have become a part of our family and have celebrated the highs and helped bear the lows. We will be forever grateful to each and everyone one of you,” wrote Kesling in the restaurant’s closure announcement. 

I’m going to miss that place. 


Location: 5219 Pacific Hwy E, Fife; 253-926-9700; https://louiegspizza.com/

Operating until: August 29, 2020


Deck view
The view from Rock The Dock on Tacoma’s Foss Waterway.

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