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A Wienerschnitzel is opening in Pierce County. Details here


The national hot dog chain, known for its buildings painted in distinctive shades of ketchup red and mustard yellow, is opening a location in Pierce County. Wienerschnitzel will operate in Fife at 5156 Pacific Hwy E. 

The store is under construction, but it must be planning on opening in the near future. The restaurant already has started marketing to local diners with coupon mailers. 

I’ll keep you posted on an opening date.

Wienerschnitzel in Fife.

Let’s indulge in the history of this chain, shall we? In the 1970s, you might have encountered a Wienerschnitzel, which were easily spotted because of their typical A-frame architecture and distinctive bright colors. 

Depending on your age, you might remember when it was called Der Wienerschnitzel. The chain dropped the “Der” about 50 years ago. 


Despite the moniker, the restaurant does not actually serve Wienerschnitzel, the breaded and fried cutlet dish known in Germany. Rather, Wienerschnitzel is all about hot dogs, chili dogs and corn dogs. The chain is known for its long list of loaded hot dogs, including a Chicago dog, a bacon dog, ‘kraut dog, chili cheese dog and the chain’s famous junkyard dog. 

The chain also stands out for its flashy paint job in bright tomato and mustard yellow, but it’s also known for its rock-bottom prices, even by chain restaurant standards. 

Wienerschnitzel in Fife.

The Everett Wienerschnitzel – the only other Wienerschnitzel in Washington state – has four hot dogs on the menu under $2 and none of the hot dogs are priced over $3. The chain also is known for its corn dogs and mini corndogs. 

There’s also a short list of burgers, a Polish sandwich and appetizers, such as chili cheese fries and jalapeno poppers. 

And then there’s this: Tastee-Freez, the soft serve ice cream is also served at Wienerschnitzels. Cones, sundaes, shakes, splits and floats are on the menu. 

Wienerschnitzel in Fife.

I would be remiss if I did not mention that the Tacoma Public Library’s Tacoma-Pierce County Buildings Index lists a Tacoma Wienerschnitzel at 6330 Sixth Ave. It opened in the 1970s.

I don’t recall that location, but I’m sure plenty of you do. Was it painted garish red and mustard yellow back then? For reference, it later became the Arby’s (that is now a Starbuck’s), according to the archives here.                                       


Location: 5156 Pacific Hwy E., Fife 

Info: https://www.wienerschnitzel.com/location-results/washington/


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