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Tacoma dining

Dine Pierce County creative sabbatical


Sometimes retooling is good for the soul. For two years I have invested personal labor in building my dining news website dinepiercecounty.com. It has been a giant effort on my part and I know my labor has benefited small business owners because they tell me so. I love writing about the scrappy underdog.

While I have reached certain goals with the website, other goals remain unrealized. And that is why I am starting a six-month sabbatical to do some retooling. This is not a goodbye. It is me re-prioritizing my creativity. I am going to take some time to redefine my dining news coverage and give myself a much needed creative reset. 

I will keep the content of this website intact so that it is searchable and available when you need it most!

For now, I will continue to operate the companion Facebook group many of you belong to. 

For my Patreons, I am posting info for you and shutting off payments. Please log into your Patreon accounts for more information.

It’s been a fun ride so far. Thank you for supporting the Tacoma and Pierce County dining community.