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Crisp Greens opens in its new Sixth Avenue home in Tacoma


It’s been a long six months, but Crisp Greens has reopened in its new home at 3602 Sixth Avenue, right in the middle of one of Tacoma’s best neighborhoods for eating. 

The restaurant is in a soft opening phase, which means hours and service can vary. The restaurant expects to be fully operational by Dec. 31, 2021.   

“I’m less stressed than I have been in months because there’s humans and food in there,” said co-owner Corie Cameron, founder of Crisp Greens – both the meals service and the salad cafe – with husband Sean Guay. They were expecting the transition to take just a few weeks, but getting sign-off on their equipment and other problems delayed an opening by six months.

As I wrote in June, Cameron and Guay were not necessarily looking to relocate their Sixth Ave restaurant seven blocks away, but the closure of Black Bear Yogurt just off Sixth and Union opened up a home that would be much more spacious. That solves a long-time problem the couple have had: Meeting demand. 

Between the meals service they operate providing subscribers with healthy meals to heat at home and the retail cafe, they maxed out their capacity. 

The retail space will serve a larger menu with more flexibility, said Cameron. “We are changing the menu a little bit,” she said. Among the additions will be quinoa to the grains list and watch for other new protein options.

“We’ll have a lot more flexibility in our proteins,” she said. At the former location, she had a permanent menu posted above the ordering counter with a stationary list of salad combination and ingredients. At the new Crisp Greens, the menu board will be digital that she can change daily. “One day we’ll have braised pork or we can change it up to meatballs, if we want. We can update the soups as well. That screen will give us so much more flexibility,” she said. 

And there’s also a remnant from Black Bear that Cameron intends to get functional in the next month: frozen vegan desserts. 

“We have the product and the machines are ready to go,” she said. However, she and staff need training from the manufacturer on operating the machines. As soon as that’s done, expect to see a rotating list of all-vegan frozen desserts from Nancy’s yogurt. “It’s all vegan and there are three bases – vanilla, chocolate and sorbet – and we can do anything with those. We can add any flavor into those bases.”

The ingredients range from guar gum to coconut, but all are free of animal products. She purchased acai powder to add to at least one of the bases and expect all kinds of flavor combinations for the other flavors. 

Cameron opened her retail cafe down the street in 2019 after building a successful meals-ready business focused on providing keto-friendly, paleo-friendly, gluten-free dinners that clients could heat at home. The cafe focuses on build-your-own salad and nutritious power bowls using a long list of ingredients. The cafe also has a menu of pre-built salad suggestions, such as its popular Mexicali with jicama, sliced tomatoes, wild rice blend, jalapeño, roasted veggies, romaine, broccoli, cilantro, cabbage, and a housemade creamy lime cilantro dressing. Or, the Thai Tofu with roasted sesame tofu, carrots, celery, cabbage, cucumbers, black lentils, basil, cilantro, and a housemade sesame ginger vinaigrette. Cameron also specializes in daily-made soups.

Crisp Greens
The new Sixth Avenue home for Crisp Greens in Tacoma.


New Sixth Ave location:  3602 Sixth Ave., Tacoma  

Phone: 253-301-3807

Web: http://www.crispgreens.co/

Crisp Meals prepared meals service: https://www.crispmeals.co/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/crispgreenstacoma/

Insta: https://www.instagram.com/crispgreenstacoma