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Burger spot, Bros Burger, with giant burgers now open. Here’s a first look

Bros Burger

Bros Burger in Puyallup’s South Hill opened quietly on Dec. 18, 2021. Fans of towering monster burgers, take note. This restaurant delivers on big burgers built with char-broiled patties and squishy buns. Doubled-up cheese, doubled-up ham, doubled-up bacon comes standard on several burgers. The house Bros Burger nearly killed me. 

The restaurant opened at 17526 Meridian E., which is the old Quizno’s sandwich space. Find a stylish, clean and spacious dining room. Tables are set far apart, making it a very accessible restaurant. There’s seating for about 20 with six tables, plus a seating bar at the front window.

Bros Burger is operated by Chan Choi and Ryan Corpuz, who met working in restaurants. Both have 20 years experience running restaurants. In 2013, Choi opened Takara Teriyaki next door to where Bros Burger opened. 

monster burger
The house burger, called the Bros Burger, comes with two slices of ham, two slices bacon, Swiss and American cheese, house sauce, green leaf lettuce, onions and tomato. A drippy egg finishes the gluttony on this one.

The menu lists eight beef burgers and all come with an order of fries: A hamburger ($8.99); cheeseburger ($9.50); bacon cheeseburger ($10.50); the mammoth Bros burger ($12.99); a mushroom burger with provolone ($10.99); a Hawaiian burger ($11.99); California burger ($11.99) and BBQ burger ($11.99). Four chicken burgers are listed, also served with fries: fried chicken burger ($9.99); grilled chicken burger ($10.50); chicken teriyaki burger ($10.99) and chicken katsu burger ($10.99). There’s also a fish burger and garden burger ($10.99 each). 

Prices seem on market for a 1/3 pound char-broiled burger. A cheeseburger with fries will set you back $9.50. My mammoth burger and fries was about what you pay at a fast food restaurant, but the quality of ingredients were way higher. I’ll be back to this place, for sure. 

burger and onion rings
A California burger with an order of onion rings at Bros Burger in Puyallup’s South Hill.


Choi said his burgers are 1/3 pound and are an 81-19 blend, but I’d eyeball them at bigger than a 1/3 pound patty. I could barely eat half of the Bros Burger, which came with cross-crossed pieces of bacon, two slices of ham and a fried egg, plus a wedge of onions, green leaf lettuce, tomatoes and a puckery house sauce on a toasted bun. 

It was an enormous burger and it defeated me. The California burger with avocado slices and a doubled-up helping of Swiss and American cheese was much more manageable.

They make their food to order, which means it might take a few extra minutes to get your order than what you might be accustomed to. This does not bother me, but if it bothers you, you might want to go during an off-peak time. 

The burgers are char-broiled, which gave them that distinctive beefy flavor heavy on free radicals that only char-broiling can provide. 


They also have crunchy batter-coated fries and onion rings with a crunchy panko-style breading. Fries come with burgers and sandwiches and onion rings are a $2 upgrade to add onto your burger instead of fries. Or, order a side of onion rings for $5.99.  

A note about onion rings: If you’re going to compare the onion rings at Bros Burger with onion rings at South Hill’s other two popular burger stops, the Bros Burger onion rings are closer in concept to the crunchy breaded onion rings at Red Wagon down by South Hill Mall, than they are to the puffy battered onion rings at Out and About near the Sonic on Meridian. (If I’m picking any onion ring on South Hill, it’s probably going to be Out and About, but someday I am going to do a taste-off between Red Wagon and Out and About). 

The presentation was nice – they were like upgraded prison trays with handles. Oh, how I miss real plates at restaurants, but these were pretty nice for trays and they were lined with paper. 

I liked that the combos came with house sauce on the side for dipping those fries or onion rings. The house sauce was sweet-and-tangy with a hint of spice. It was probably sweeter than diners will find at most restaurants, and pretty tasty. 

They also offer shakes, plus an assortment of fried fast food. I thought the shakes were a bit above market on pricing, until I ordered one. They’re really big shakes, more than 16 ounces, and filled to the top. To you fresh fruit shake lovers, I asked about whether or not they use fresh fruit in their shakes. They don’t. Shake flavors include chocolate, strawberry and vanilla, plus blackberry, butterscotch or Oreo. 


You can order Philly cheesesteak sandwiches, regular style, with mushrooms or jalapenos ($11.99-$12.99). They also serve ham sandwiches ($8.99), BLT sandwiches ($8.99) and club sandwiches ($11.99). All of the above come with fries.

They also have fish and chips ($11.99); chicken strips ($11.99); fried oysters ($11.99); prawns and chips ($11.99); chicken wings ($12.99) and clam strips ($6.99). The kids meal includes a choice of a hamburger, cheeseburger, chicken nuggets or chicken strips ($6.50, with drink and fries). 


Where: 17526 Meridian E., Puyallup 

Contact: 253-268-0018

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