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The Main Ingredient pizzeria in Tacoma has closed


The Main Ingredient, a pizza restaurant at 5419 South Tacoma Way, has closed permanently. 

“A series of unfortunate events and the questionable future in regards to the state of affairs across the country has led us to make the tough decision to close permanently,” explained owner Leland Brechbiel, who operated the restaurant for about a year with wife Cristina Brechbiel. The restaurant operated where Stonegate Pizza previously operated.

One of the bigger problems, among many, for a business that opened during the pandemic was the supply-chain breakdown and the trouble and effort required to find the products they needed. The steady rise in the cost of goods also didn’t help, Brechbiel said. Brechbiel said various negative factors arose that the couple just could not anticipate, considering they started planning this restaurant before the pandemic and had to pivot numerous times due to changing restrictions and setbacks.

The restaurant served a hybrid Neopolitan-New York crust with a focus on from-scratch cooking. Everything from the dough to the sauces were made in house.The Arizona transplants have years of restaurant experience. Leland’s first wife’s family owned a cluster of Mexican restaurants that he assisted in running. Cristina’s extended family also runs restaurants.

Brechbiel was optimistic about the experience in Tacoma. “We learned a lot though, and value our experience there. If we decide to do something again in the future we will do so with the confidence gained from our small successes. For now, my wife and I will fall back on our previous careers and enjoy our regained free time to spend with our family and friends and selves.”


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