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Berry season has arrived in Pierce County – get some at these farms


For 100 reasons, the biggest of which was the pandemic, I missed out on the 2020 Pierce County fresh berry season. Flash forward to 2021 and it’s safe to say I’ve more than made up for what I was not able to buy last summer. I spent $75 at produce stands over the weekend. There’s nothing that tastes like summer to me as a fresh Pierce County berry straight from a farm.

The good news: the fresh strawberries from Picha Farms are the best I’ve had in my adult life and I think I ate five pounds between Saturday and Sunday. They taste sweeter, juicier and carry a more concentrated flavor than grocery store cultivars grown for transport and a long shelf life (the consequence of which is low flavor). 

The bad news is that strawberry season is almost over for Picha Farms and others.

Strawberries from Picha Farms.

But as every person who grew up here knows, what happens with strawberry season? Raspberry season comes right alongside or just after strawberries, and lasts a little longer than strawberries (weather depending).

Raspberry season is here like crazy. They’re everywhere. Picha Farms ran out of flats by 9 a.m. Saturday, but will have more in stock on a continuing basis.

On Monday, at Picha Farms in Tacoma even had a few strawberries left and will have a few strawberries for early bird visitors on Tuesday. I saw flat after flat of raspberries at Sterino Farms yesterday, too, and brought home a three-pint box. Here, take a look at the photos I snapped.

Tayberries and raspberries from Sterino Farms in Puyallup.

Also check out Sidhu Farms in Orting and Spooner Farms for fresh Pierce County berries. I dropped by Wild Hare on River Road yesterday and learned blueberry season is going to start very soon at the River Road farm, so keep an eye out! I also saw Linbo Farms in Puyallup (which I assumed has been displaced by development that has sprung up around it, but is still operating) announced it is gearing up for blueberries, too.

Please note: Some farms have U-pick, some have berries available to buy on site in flats or containers. Check the websites below for U-Pick information, if you want to pick your own berries straight from the field.

Blueberries from Sterino Farms.


Picha Farms: 6502 52nd St E, Puyallup; 253-841-4443; https://www.pichafarms.com/berries.php (also a location in Tacoma, find on website)

Sterino Farms: 6006 52nd St E, Puyallup; 253-770-0409; http://sterinofarms.com/

Wild Hare Organic Farm: 4520 River Rd E, Tacoma; 253-778-6257; https://www.wildhareorganicfarm.com/

Spooner Berries Farm: 9710 State Route 162 East, Puyallup; 253-840-2059; https://www.spoonerberries.com/  (more location info at website)

Sidhu Farm: 15018 96th St E, Puyallup; 253-651-3755; https://www.sidhufarm.org/

Linbo Blueberry Farm: 1201 South Fruitland, Puyallup; 253-229-6438; http://linboblueberries.com/FAQ.html

Duris Farms: I saw a sign at the River Road location saying they were done for strawberry season, but cucumbers start in early August. More info here.

There are more fresh berry farms in Pierce County – please feel free to drop down your favorite berry farm in comments! Fun fact – almost every berry farm listed above makes the rounds at local farmers markets. Check out their stands at your neighborhood farmers market. Also, did you know that Metro Parks has a community park with pick-your-own blueberries. More information about Charlotte’s Blueberry Park here.

A Jack Burger with bacon, American cheese, tomato, onion, lettuce, pickles and farm sauce from Jake’s Burgers at Sterino Farms.


Did you know that Sterino Farms co-owner Jake Sterino has opened his own food truck at Sterino Farms. Lettuce, tomatoes and other produce is used to compose the burgers and, of course, the Sterino Farm berries flavor the fresh fruit shakes made with soft serve. Read all about it here.