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Lost Woods Brewery expanding to second location


Lost Woods Brewery in Bonney Lake is expanding a second time with a new brewery and taproom. 

What started as a 400-square-feet garage brewery in 2016 grew to a taproom in 2017 in Bonney Lake. 

Owner-brewer Luke Weipert has spent two years finding a place where he can increase his system and operate a taproom. He found it in Buckley.

This summer, he’ll open his combo brewery and taproom in an industrial complex at 28002 State route 410. Brew lovers will know the neighborhood. It’s a two-minute walk to Elk Head, which is tucked into a nearby warehouse complex at 28120 State route 410. 

Don’t worry, beer lovers of Bonney Lake. Weipert’s Lost Woods taproom will stay put at 19944 South Prairie Road E.

That Bonney Lake taproom will remain 21 and older.

For parents, the Buckely brewery and taproom will be family friendly with kids allowed until the evening, said Weipert.


He’s been space limited for so long, he says he won’t know what to do with the freedom to brew what he wants, whenever he wants.  

Here’s a comparison for scale. When he opened in 2016, “we were only able to make 14 kegs a month. We could never keep all our beers on tap. At the new space, every time I brew, I get 14 kegs.” 

The ability to produce more beers means he can also expand the offerings at the Bonney Lake taproom.

“We have a brand new West Coast IPA that will be launching at opening,” said Weipert. “We’ll bring back some of the beers we haven’t had during the pandemic: amber, porter stout, pale ale. At first, it’s going to be about getting our core rotation back and then we’ll bring in some new stuff.” 

With that new space, he also expects he’ll be able to do some fun experiments. “We’ll have some freedom to come out with some new beers and some creative ideas,” he said.

Check the brewery’s social media for updates on the expansion plans. Expect an opening, hopefully, by mid-summer. 


Bonney Lake taproom (open now): 19944 S Prairie Road E., Bonney Lake; 253-750-4040

Buckley brewery and taproom (opening mid-summer): 28002 State route 410, Buckley 

Web: https://www.lostwoodsbrewery.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/lostwoodsbrewery/

Insta: https://www.instagram.com/lostwoodsbrewery