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New Best Coast BBQ coming to Puyallup and Lakewood


Best Coast Barbeque plans to open in late spring in Pierce County. And here’s the interesting part. If all goes as planned, two outposts will open simultaneously. One in Lakewood and the other in downtown Puyallup.  

If you think you’ve been reading a lot about barbecue restaurant openings lately, you’re correct. In March, I told you about BK’S Barbecue, a Central Texas style barbecue window that’s opening in Tacoma’s Sixth Avenue neighborhood this spring. Earlier this week, I told you about the new barbecue menu that debuted this month at FOB Brewing Co. Owner Jared Wharton smokes Central Texas style brisket, Memphis-style ribs and Carolina style pulled pork – all over mesquite at his DuPont brewery.

Now I have a two-fer barbecue tale. Best Coast Barbeque location one will be at 12115 Pacific Hwy SW in Lakewood (just off Bridgeport/Pac Highway). Location two will be 209 W. Stewart Ave. in downtown Puyallup. 

Location one, in Lakewood, will serve as the full-service kitchen and pit location for both restaurants. Both will have on-site dining with robust outdoor spaces. 

The projects are a collaboration between restaurant contractor Joey LaRocque, who previously operated nightclubs and restaurants in Olympia and Spokane, and Ramesh Kumar, owner of two Fiesta Taquerias in Puyallup and Karma Indian Lounge. Brian Loredo is also a partner in the barbecue restaurants. 


If you call the barbecue style at Best Coast Barbeque anything, call it Northwest backyard style, said Tacoma native Andre Brown, the restaurant’s pit master. He’s a Wilson High school graduate and longtime backyard barbecue enthusiast who locals will know as Big Daddy Yum Yum

“I mix it up with a little bit of everything. I put my own touch on barbecue,” said Brown. If you must know his specific style, he says, “I do Pacific Northwest barbecue.” 

He smokes over cherry wood with a touch of mesquite. His specialties are ribs, pork shoulder and brisket. He prefers the St. Louis cut on his ribs and he plans to do his butchering in house. He serves his pork shoulder shredded. 

Chicken and turkey legs also probably will be on the menu, but it might be some time before they get to those. “We’ll start with hindquarters and then maybe do whole chickens,” he said. 

He’ll serve his barbecue unsauced. For those who dip, he’ll have three styles of sauce: sweet and tangy, one with a kick and a mustard-based sauce. 

For sides, there will be baked beans kicked up with spices, onion, garlic, bacon and hamburger. His coleslaw also carries some spice. He’ll serve brisket chili, cornbread, collard greens and a smoky Caesar salad. They also plan to do house pickles.

The general manager is a vegan, so they’re looking into doing a vegan style of barbecue, such as jackfruit. “We’ll have some salads to complement the barbecue,” said LaRocque.


The Lakewood Best Coast Barbeque building is in the middle of a huge facelift. It’s currently behind a protective fence as a major overhaul happens.

Outside, cedar siding has been added to the building that has room for seating for about 45 inside. LaRocque has invested about $40,000 in an outdoor patio that will have seating for 60 and will offer two cornhole courts. The building will host the smoker that will produce meats for both the Lakewood and Puyallup locations. That smoker is a 20-feet long Mill Scale smoker. Mill Scale is based in Lockhart, Texas and creates competition and commercial-use smokers. 


The Puyallup location will be carved into a building next door to Station U-Brew (they’re already talking about doing a collaboration brew with that brew-your-own beer emporium). 

That space will see a massive makeover, as well. “We’re pushing the front of the building back about 18 feet,” said LaRocque. 

“The roof is beautiful old growth wood. When we exposed that wood, we knew it would be a great cover for an outdoor area.” 

The front of the building will be set up as an outdoor space with seating for about 40 outside. About 59 can sit inside. 

Plans for seating include a communal table and a dining room equipped with televisions all over the space. LaRocque is hopeful the space’s proximity to the Sounder station will attract commuters on their way home and Seahawks fans catching a train to the game.

“It’ll be barbecue and sports,” said LaRocque. “On Friday and Saturday nights, we’ll have a DJ playing. We’ll have music and barbecue until 2 a.m.” 


Opening: Late spring 2021, if all goes as planned

Lakewood: 12115 Pacific Hwy SW

Puyallup: 209 W. Stewart Ave.

Central Texas style BK’s Barbecue coming to Tacoma’s 6th Ave

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Longtime local chef Kyle Campisi is opening BK’s Barbecue, a Central Texas barbecue takeout spot, this spring in Tacoma’s Sixth Avenue neighborhood. BK’s Barbecue will specialize in prime brisket rubbed with salt and pepper and smoked over post oak. Read all about the opening here.

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