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One of the last Quiznos in Pierce County is closing


It’s been a long and fruitful career of sandwich making for Kristy Reopelle, but it’s the end of the line for her Quiznos sandwich shop in South Hill. She’ll close her sandwich shop on Sunday (August 30). 

For 20 years, the franchise owner has operated Quiznos shops, which are known for their oven-baked toasty subs and serve-yourself pickle and condiment bar. 

Reopelle’s first Quiznos franchise location operated from 2000 to 2005 at Longston Place at 133rd and Meridian in South Hill. She sold that shop to another owner before it was closed permanently. 

In 2005, she opened the Quiznos at 176th and Meridian, near Fred Meyer. 

She operates that store with her daughter Kiley, who was born the same week Reopelle opened her first Quiznos. 

The last day of business will be Sunday (August 30). You have until then to get your very last turkey-bacon-guacamole sandwich. 

Her entry into running sandwich shops came more than 20 years ago when she was working overdrive, about 60 hours a week, at her job. Then, she ran into a problem.The company wouldn’t give her medical leave and she needed to have an operation. While she was in the hospital having that surgery, her husband happened upon a Quiznos. And became an instant fan. 

“While I was in the hospital recovering, my husband went downstairs and ate an Italian sub at Quiznos. He came upstairs and he said, ‘Maybe we should think about owning our own business.’” 

After all these years, does her husband still marvel about the Quiznos Italian sub, in the same way? “It’s still his go-to. He came in today and had the Italian sandwich,” she said, laughing. 

The closure of the South Hill location means that this is the next to last Pierce County Quiznos location. You can find the last remaining Pierce County Quiznos in DuPont. A few locations bookend Pierce County in Thurston and King Counties. There’s a Quiznos in Yelm and another in Federal Way.

“I would do it again in a heartbeat,” said Reopelle. “It’s been a great ride.” She said the regulars have been returning again and again since she started announcing the closure this month. “We have a ton of regulars. They’ve been phenomenal to us. They’ve been coming in to wish us good luck. It’s been a good ride.” 


Her lease was up for renewal in March, but the timing stunk. That renewal date coincided with the very beginning of the statewide Covid-19 restrictions. Like a lot of restaurant owners, Reopelle was reluctant to make a long-term decision to extend the lease for five years when the entire restaurant industry was in turmoil. “We thought we’d be here longer, but due to Covid in March, we just couldn’t commit. That’s when we had to decide if we wanted to extend the lease for 5 years.” 

At it turns out, they were busier than they could have imagined. She didn’t lay off any of her employees. In fact, she hired six additional employees because they were so busy as the pandemic unfolded. 

In the meantime, the landlord found another tenant and ultimately, the Reopelles decided to close the doors.

This won’t be their last hurrah with Quiznos, though. They plan to move down to the Yelm store and temporarily help their friend run her Yelm Quiznos location. 

After that? “This has been my life for 20 years, but after this, I’ll probably just retire,” she said, noting that she was happy to retire on a high note. “We have just been so blessed with our community. It’s been a terrific experience.”


Location: 17526 Meridian E., Puyallup; 253-445-6747

Closing: Sunday, August 30, 2020

Info: https://restaurants.quiznos.com/wa/puyallup/meridianeand176thstreete-98375

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